Making It Lovely: DIY Pen Organizer

pen organizer

DIY Pen Organizer

How to Use Mason Jars for Organizing

I recently purged a ton of my pens and markers because there was just no possible way I would use all that I had. If you’d like to read more about how to declutter your own stash of unused pens, pencils, and markers, click here. This post is all about how I organize the ones I chose to hang on to.

Supplies Needed 

  • Pint-sized Mason Jars (I used 5 jars. Pack of 12 for $9 at Target)
  • Craft Twine (found mine at Michael’s in the dollar bin section, $3)
  • Spray paint color of choice (I opted for X by X from Target, $7)
  • Paint marker of choice (I chose White from Michael’s, $3)
  • Chalkboard labels (Michael’s, $5)

Total Cost: $27

pen organizer

The Process

  1. Start by spray painting your jars, making sure to remove the lid first. The best way to get complete coverage is to flip the jars upside down and paint them that way. Wait an hour for it to dry a little, flip them right side up, and finish painting. pen organizer
  2. Once your jars have dried completely (mine dried in 2 hours, but depends on what kind of paint you’re using) screw the lid rings back on them and take your paint marker and start painting over the “Ball Mason” logo. I did three coats on mine, letting each coat dry for 10 minutes. pen organizer
  3. Take your chalkboard labels and label all the ones you’ll be using. You can use a chalkboard marker if you have one or just use your paint pen if you don’t mind a permanent label. I labeled my five: Pens, Sharpie Markers, Whiteboard Markers, Planner Markers, and Highlighters. Set aside. pen organizer
  4. Once that paint has dried on the Ball logo, cut up 4 ft. of twine to go around the jar, right under the lid. Once you’ve cut up your twine, hold about a 4-inch section in your left hand while wrapping the rest of the twine around the jar three times. You should be left with another 4-inch section in your right hand. Tie a knot off-center to the right of the jar to keep the twine in place. pen organizer
  5. String one of your chalkboard labels through the end of the twine (make sure to string it through the twine on the right side. Stringing it through the left side won’t allow the tag to lay flat).
  6. Tie a bow out of the leftover twine and voilà, you now have an adorably decorated storage container for your pens. pen organizer

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