Getting It Together: The Family Calendar

family calendar

How to Create the Perfect Family Calendar

Staying on Top of Every Single Appointment Your Family Has Coming Up

I used to be a frazzled mess when it came to keeping up with everything my family had going on at any given time. We were either at the wrong place at the wrong time, showed up late, or completely missed our appointments altogether. I struggled to find a paper planner, digital planner, anything that could help me organize my time better.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Since I couldn’t find the perfect planner that fit myself and my family, I decided to make one instead. I eagerly browsed the aisles of Michael’s looking for whatever I could use to make our own family calendar. I bought a whiteboard, chalkboard stickers, colored markers, pretty lace scrapbook paper, and paint.

As soon as I got home that day I went to work on my new calendar. I painted the trim, cut out the lace from the paper, glued it around the inner edges of the whiteboard, and stuck on all the chalkboard stickers I had purchased. When I was done putting it together, the calendar looked beautiful and I couldn’t wait to start filling in all the appointments we had that month!

I grabbed my chalkboard markers and filled in all my husband’s appointments, my kid’s, and my own, along with any birthdays and/or holidays we had going on that month. I stuck it proudly on my wall and soaked in all the oohs and ahhs from my family as they walked past it.

My Lesson Learned

At the end of the month, it was time to wipe my calendar clean and start writing in all of next month’s appointments. As I started wiping my damp cloth across my calendar I noticed something odd, the ink was not coming off! As I double checked my chalkboard markers, they all said wipeable markers.

I tried taking soap and water to the calendar but had no luck getting that ink to come off. I couldn’t believe it, all my hard work making this calendar was for a one-time event?? My husband even suggested paint thinner but nothing was taking this ink off my new calendar.

If you’d like to see how I use a digital and paper planner together to maximize my daily productivity, click here: Planner Organization.

My Successful Take Two

Although my first attempt at creating my own family calendar did not go as expected, I wouldn’t call it failure. I was able to get really clear on what I wanted out of my calendar and what would work best for my family. I also realized that chalkboard markers were not for me unless I was using them to label things in my home lol.

What I did do the second time around, was buy a pre-made calendar whiteboard with different colored white board markers. I color code each family member so I can see at a glance who has what going on that month. My husband’s appointments are all in Blue, my kids are Pink, Purple, and Yellow, mine are Turquoise, family appointments are Orange, and all birthdays and holidays are written in Black.

This calendar has been a life saver for our family! I hung it up in our family command center that’s by our front door so now everyone always knows what’s going on and who has to be where. If you need help managing your time better, I put together a special little video walking you through step-by-step how to use both a digital planner and a paper planner to maximize your daily productivity. You can access that video here: Planner Organization.

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