Marriage Monday Book Club

Marriage Monday Book Club

Becoming The Wife God Has Planned For Us To Be

One of my “big rocks” for 2018 is to spend more time investing in my marriage. I’m not talking about just having a date night every week, though that is also on the list. I’m talking about becoming a more loving, attentive, excellent wife.

When I decided to start this book club, it only made sense to me that the very first book I should start with is The Excellent Wife, by Martha Peace. Not only does it have what I strive to be in the very title of the book, but it’s a biblical perspective on marriage. To me, it’s important to put God first in our marriage.

I haven’t done enough of this, and so I’m making a decision to focus more on how to be a godly wife. How to be the wife God has called me to be, and be the kind of wife my hard-working husband deserves. If you’d like to join me, you can get all the details in the video below!

The Reading Plan

I will be reading through one section of the book every week. In the video, I give you a download that has all the dates and chapters we’ll be reading through, so you can follow along if you’d like.

Our Next Book Club Selection

I’m always looking for new book club selections so if you have a great marriage book you’d like to recommend, be sure to leave it in the comments below!

Here’s the video with all the details. To catch our next Marriage Monday meeting, be sure to subscribe to our channel and set your notifications on so you don’t miss our weekly videos!


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